NICE Actimize and X-Sight Marketplace Partners Webinar Series

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Change is inevitable in financial crime. How can you ensure your institution is agile enough to respond?

With X-Sight Marketplace, Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) can supercharge their NICE Actimize solutions with the industry’s first financial crime and compliance ecosystem. By connecting with data, applications, tools and service providers, FSOs are now able to experience the value of choice and avoid long integration projects by seamlessly deploying partner solutions.

NICE Actimize would like to invite you to register for the X-Sight Marketplace Partners Webinar Series.

Throughout this series we will showcase different partners across the X-Sight Marketplace ecosystem. We will discuss hot trends within the industry and how our partners’ complement our financial crime and compliance solutions.

CRB Monitor Image

CRB Monitor empowers financial institutions to effectively identify, understand, and manage cannabis-related risks and opportunities. With 40,000+ cannabis-related businesses, 107,000+ marijuana licenses, and 68,000+ beneficial owners, CRB Monitor is the most comprehensive and accurate platform covering the global cannabis industry. Whether fulfilling regulatory KYC/AML/BSA compliance regulations or researching the cannabis market landscape to identify and manage opportunities, CRB Monitor’s definitive database can help simplify challenges and efforts for a wide range of institutions looking to navigate the risks and opportunities posed by the complex and growing cannabis industry.

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Steele’s patented Risk Intelligence Data delivers the largest real-time source of negative news and risk information available. Their comprehensive datasets provide the information compliance professionals need to evaluate risk confidently and effectively. Steele is the global leader in Ethics & Compliance management, partnering with the world’s largest, most respected companies to deliver compliance products and services that help organizations embrace a culture of compliance while protecting their brand.

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Prove (formerly Payfone) provides risk and trust scores, and intelligence on phone numbers, that can be used in identity and authentication processes. By integrating this intelligence into IFM and ActOne, FSOs can reduce fraud at onboarding or during authentication by providing SIM Swap detection and improve their false positives in this high fraud environment.


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Fraud teams must combat schemes such as Account Takeover, as well as customer-authorized fraud, including Business Email Compromise (BEC). Fraud defense mechanisms must do double-duty, supporting fraud prevention and detection goals, as well as managing the customer experience objectives of the organization. Buguroo leverages behavioral biometrics to enhance NICE Actimize’s transactional analysis accuracy and works to increase value detection rate by zeroing in on sessions in which unknown malware, user impersonation and mule herders may be in play.

Sayari provides data intelligence platforms to power the fight against financial crime, increase corporate transparency in high-risk places, and support critical national security mission sets. Sayari Graph is the first purpose-built tool for navigating the complexity of global corporate ownership and commercial relationships.

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Now more than ever, Financial Institutions (FIs) need to be aware of their exposure to crypto-related risks and the pervasive presence of fiat money related to cryptocurrencies flowing through their customers’ accounts. CipherTrace provides a unique lens through which financial institutions can gain visibility into this high-risk blind spot. Powered by sophisticated cryptocurrency intelligence and blockchain analytics, CipherTrace provides deep insights to detect money laundering, power financial investigations, and audit regulatory compliance.

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On-Demand Webinar

Q6 Cyber offers 24x7 monitoring of the "Digital Underground" – including the DarkWeb, DeepWeb, malware networks, and other cybercrime infrastructure - where fraudsters and cybercriminals operate. In this webinar we will discuss how integrating Q6’s solution into the NICE Actimize Fraud Management Platform enables financial service organizations access to targeted and actionable intelligence that enables them to substantially reduce fraud losses – specifically related to customer account takeover, fraudulent applications, and payment card fraud; data breaches related to compromise of corporate assets and personnel; and much more.

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OrboGraph's flagship solution for check fraud prevention applies image analysis with optional transaction analysis to on-us and transit checks for identification of counterfeits, forgeries, and alterations in real-time or batch processing. In this webinar we will discuss how integrating OrboGraph's solution into the NICE Actimize Fraud Management Platform enables financial services organizations to detect more check fraud. This is critical as check fraud continues to rise despite check usage declining.

On-Demand Webinar

Complidata's Trade Finance Risk solution leverages machine learning to read and extract entity and meta-data from unstructured trade finance documents. In this webinar we will discuss how the combination of Complidata’s solution with NICE Actimize Suspicious Activity Monitoring enables financial services organizations that deal in Trade Finance to better detect Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML). This is critical for TBML detection and investigation efficiency and effectiveness.

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