NICE Actimize and X-Sight Marketplace Partners Webinar Series: Sayari

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Change is inevitable in financial crime, and is accelerated by events such as the current health-turned-financial crisis. In these trying times, how can you ensure your institution is agile enough to respond? With X-Sight Marketplace, Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) can supercharge their NICE Actimize solutions with the industry’s first financial crime and compliance ecosystem.

We’re excited to invite you to the fourth installment in our X-Sight Marketplace Partner Webinar Series featuring Sayari!

Can your FI automate labor-intensive intelligence gathering and ensure consistency across investigations with hundreds of millions of pre-built corporate networks? Now you can. Sayari provides data intelligence platforms to power the fight against financial crime, increase corporate transparency in high-risk places, and support critical national security mission sets. Sayari Graph is the first purpose-built tool for navigating the complexity of global corporate ownership and commercial relationships.

Who you’ll hear from:
  • Farley Mesko, Co-Founder and CEO, Sayari
  • Ted Sausen, AML Subject Matter Expert, NICE Actimize
What you’ll learn: 
  • Global challenges around beneficial ownership –
    • What’s available?
    • How’s the quality of the information?
  • How to implement and solve these challenges
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