NICE Actimize and X-Sight Marketplace Partners Webinar Series: Prove (formerly Payfone)

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

On-demand webinar

Change is inevitable when it comes to financial crime. To stay ahead, it’s important to keep your institution agile. With X-Sight Marketplace, Financial Services Organizations can supercharge their NICE Actimize solutions with the industry’s first financial crime and compliance ecosystem.

We’re excited to invite you to the seventh installment in our X-Sight Marketplace Partner Webinar Series featuring Prove (formerly Payfone)!

Preventing Fraud and keeping a frictionless customer experience digital acquisition is top-of-mind for many Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) – but the increase in consumers signing up for digital services is also creating new opportunities for fraudsters. How can FSOs detect and defend against new account fraud such as synthetic ID fraud without hindering the customer experience? And can the same mobile intelligence technology that protects against fraud be used to actually enhance the customer experience and make it easier for consumers to sign up?

Join Greg Bonin, Chief Technology Officer, Prove and Nithin Mangalore, Senior Product Manager, NICE Actimize in Tackling New Account Fraud Using Mobile Intelligence when they discuss:

  • How fraudsters can take advantage of new accounts
  • The importance of having trustworthy identify verification and authentication to speed up account openings
  • How mobile intelligence can actually enhance the account opening experience by making it more convenient for consumers

Can You Grow Your Customers and Keep Them Protected Without Generating Friction?

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