Discover the Power of AI-Based Forecasting in Workforce Management

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Discover the basics of forecasting, what the most common challenges are in WFM, as well as the best practices for contact centers to tackle those challenges.

When forecasting demand in a contact center, back office, or branch or retail organization, you can draw on a number of techniques from mathematics and statistics. However, those forecasts can’t account for all possible scenarios.

“Workforce Management AI-Based Forecasting For Dummies” is an easy-to-understand guide that covers:

  • How forecasting accuracy generates more value and drives business results up

  • A walkthrough of a selected set of forecasting models

  • Explaining how to assess the value of each model

  • How costs can be incurred due to inaccurate forecasts

Discover the substantial advantages of putting forecasting in the context of AI with this in-depth eBook, and learn how you can utilize these techniques in your organization through several customer stories.

Get your free copy today!

Get your FREE copy today!

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