The human side of financial crime.

Whether you’re deep in the financial crime industry, or a consumer who uses online banking, credit cards and fast payments like Venmo, the security of your assets is extremely important. How does your financial institution look out for your identity and your money?

Join us for season one of Let’s Talk FinCrime, NICE Actimize’s new podcast. Every two weeks, we’ll have a conversation with some of the most interesting people in the industry we could find.

Host Dave Ackerman, regulatory subject matter expert, will show us the human side of financial crime – not just the latest trends, but what industry news and hot topics really mean for us all.

Episode 3: Let’s Talk FinCrime and Predatory Sales Practices

As the Director of Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisory at Kaufman Rossin, Bob Lavigne helps the financial services industry navigate increasingly complex issues so firms can better serve the public. In this episode, we’ll discuss how you can spot financial advisors who are using illegal sales practices so you can protect yourself.

Episode 2: Let’s Talk FinCrime and the Psychology of Fraud

As a scientist, Dr. Matthew Goldberg investigates what people believe, why they believe it, and what influences them. In the latest episode of Let’s Talk FinCrime, we’ll apply his research to fraud and financial crime.

Episode 1: Let’s Talk FinCrime with Tipper X

The New York Times called him “The secret witness at the center of the biggest insider trading case in a generation.” In our first episode of the Let’s Talk FinCrime podcast, we’ll talk with Tipper X, one of the most prolific informants in securities fraud history.

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Based on Aite Group’s latest research reports, learn about the CARES Act, its impact on financial crime risk management, as well as challenges and opportunities for financial institutions.

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Speakers: David O’Connell and Trace Fooshee | Aite Group