January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Connecting and unlocking the enormous wealth of information stored in customer data is often seen as the best weapon in the battle against financial crime. However, legacy Know Your Customer (KYC) approaches lack the ability to gather and use data effectively to better understand customers and the risks they pose.

This white paper, sponsored by NICE Actimize and produced by Datos Insights, explores how adopting a modern, entity-centric KYC approach, supported by new technologies and techniques, can transform your customer data into actionable risk intelligence. Building one customer truth is the ultimate KYC goal to better manage risk and mitigate financial crime.

Learn about:

  • What internal obstacles stand in the way of effective KYC of corporate entities
  • How the changing regulatory environment, increasing expectations, and obligations are impacting the need for better identification of beneficial owners and controllers
  • What are the new strategies for managing corporate entity risk
  • How technology assists in enhancing the effectiveness of KYC programs
See how modernizing your KYC systems and controls can enhance your understanding of your customers enabling you to better manage risk. Gain expert insights on how enriched and integrated KYC intelligence can uplift AML regulatory compliance, minimize customer friction and drive organizational growth.

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