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January 21, 1:00 pm EST

With X-Sight Marketplace, Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) can supercharge their NICE Actimize solutions with the industry’s premier financial crime and compliance ecosystem. By connecting with data, applications, tools and service providers, FSOs can now experience the value of choice and avoid long integration projects by seamlessly deploying partner solutions.

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Throughout this series, we’ll showcase different partners across the X-Sight Marketplace ecosystem. Tune in to hear about the latest industry trends, and how our partners’ complement NICE Actimize’s financial crime and compliance solutions.

Behavioral Biometrics Brings Continuous Authentication to Stop Online Fraud

As your organization is rapidly transforming to more digital, it’s critical to leverage behavioral biometrics to stop account takeovers and automated attacks without inconveniencing your customers with unnecessary authentication challenges.

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The Dark Web: Don’t Let Fraudsters Compromise Your Security

The Dark Web is the playground and marketplace for fraudsters and cybercriminals. In this session, we’ll venture into the Dark Web and profile the latest trends in fraud and financial crimes, browse popular hacker communities and showcase leading tools to take steps to disrupt financial crimes.

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Stop Online Financial Crime with Advanced Location Data

Authentic and unaltered location data is a critical signal for detecting and stopping fraud. However, most financial institutions still use an IP address to verify location, which is easily spoofed and essentially useless for verifying a user’s true location.  In this session, we’ll answer critical questions about advanced location data, including what it is, how it works and how it’s different from an IP address. Most importantly, we’ll show how this data helps in the fight against financial crime.

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Using Device Intelligence to Manage New Customer Risk

Traditionally, banks required face-to-face interactions to open accounts. But to stay competitive, particularly in the past year, banks have been offering account opening through digital channels. This poses additional risk, as it is more challenging to understand the intent of the person at the other end of the application, especially when they are not known to the bank. Criminals often seek to use newly opened accounts to receive stolen funds from other sources and to establish seemingly legitimate banking relationships to commit fraud and financial crime in the future. The challenge is to gather as much information to identify risk at account opening and in the early life of the account and to do it in a way that does not impact legitimate customers.

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SIM Swapping Fraudsters Threaten Digital Identity

Did you know that a fraudster can port your mobile number and gain access to your bank account in minutes? It’s true - and it happens every day. SIM swap fraud is an imminent threat to the security of financial data. Phone number data intelligence can help strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, inform risk models, improve conversions and accuracy of collected information and even determine the optimal channel for message delivery.

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Enabling Mobile Text and Chats for Regulated Financial Employees

TeleMessage has been providing state-of-the-art messaging solutions on-premises and in the cloud for over 20 years. For financial services organizations, new communication modalities and remote, distributed workforces are widening compliance gaps, placing firms at further risk for fines and reputational damage. In this session, gain insight into the latest mobile communication trends and address regulators’ requirements when implementing WhatsApp, WeChat and mobile communication. You’ll learn how employees at other regulated firms are using compliant mobile communication from mobile, web and desktop.

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Quickly Detect Lazy Fraudsters Who Use Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

ArkOwl provides powerful data that helps banks, credit card processors, merchants and websites make informed decisions about approving or cancelling transactions. ArkOwl, a high-volume solution, is created and priced to undercut the effort of the high-volume, lazy fraudster, who typically spends less than a minute creating an email address and will often guess at a workable phone number. With ArkOwl, you can cost effectively query an email address and/or phone number in seconds to rule out bad information that took just seconds to create. Weed out these bad actors before spending lots of money and effort to detect them through other means.

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Risk Assessment at Start-up Speed

Risk Proof, a PwC product, empowers your organization to think faster and act quicker to stay on top of the ever-changing world of financial risk. Risk Assessment for AML, fraud and sanctions continue to be manual and time-consuming processes. Most institutions rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to produce reports that are often hard to explain to executive management. What if you could digitize the process and spend more time focusing on having the right controls and presenting your risks and forecasts to management, the board and your regulators? What if you could help your business think through the risks and controls to introduce new payment products, crypto assets or expansions in lines of business?

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Using Precision Intelligence to Uncover Hidden Risk and Strengthen KYC and AML Compliance

Kharon is a leading provider of research and data analytics, focused on international security threats and other controversies that impact global commerce and finance. While some financial service organizations continue to screen against the US, EU and UN sanctions lists in order to keep pace with industry standards, growing numbers are seeking ways to stay ahead of those same standards.

The Importance of Identity Proofing to Combat New Account Fraud

Ekata provides smarter global identity verification data and insights to reduce friction, improve conversions and combat fraud. Market dynamics have rapidly shifted as digitally-native financial institutions have disrupted the industry, forever altering customer expectations. Customers demand the immediacy and transparency that a digital-first product provides. An accelerated rise in new account fraud losses orchestrated by well-organized and well-funded crime rings compromises the security of digital account opening channels.

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Facepoint uses facial recognition to disambiguate potential matches, reduce false positive rates and identify emerging threats posed by unnamed persons of interest that are not covered by watchlists. In the context of KYC screening processes, Facepoint’s “picture intelligence” maintains a worldwide image database of "people of interest", and offers a real-time risk mitigation solution thanks to cutting-edge image analysis. Biometric identification offers greater precision, accuracy and speed and therefore enormous potential for improved operational efficiency and reduction in compliance costs.

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