Video Series: Compliance Unplugged

UC Recording
NICE’s omnichannel recording for Unified Communications not only protects the organization from reputational and regulatory damages, but also empowers business insights derived from customer interactions.

  Mobile Phone Recording
Provide comprehensive coverage of all types of communications, from voice to text, across different operating systems, like iOS and Android, to various collaboration applications like WhatsApp and WeChat with NICE’s Mobile Recording solutions.

Improve your compliance assurance process, reduce costs, and guarantee flawless recording of all your regulated employees and devices with NICE COMPASS.

With real-time reconciliation and NICE COMPASS, apply sophisticated algorithms to reconcile actual trader calls to voice recordings and know immediately when technology breaks happen.

Recording Check
Automate compliance assurance and reduce the risk of a regulatory violation or audit by verifying all endpoints are recording prior to the start of the trading day with NICE COMPASS’ recording check.

Accelerate investigations and improve responsiveness to regulators, by automating costly and time-consuming manual processes around retrieving, downloading and transcribing trade communication with NICE Transcription capabilities.

Dashboards and Reporting
With NICE COMPASS, confidently audit, document recording compliance on a moment’s notice, and provide evidence to regulators that all regulated users are properly recorded, archived and retained.

  Recorder API
Automate management and compliance assurance processes through open APIs for compliance recording with NICE’s Communication Compliance solutions.

NTR-X is the world’s first, and only, complete cloud-ready, integrated compliance recording and assurance solution, designed to meet regulatory expectations of global regulators while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of global recording operations.

Accelerate your journey to the Cloud and make the move to NICE’s innovative Cloud Recording solution.

Managed Services
NICE’s Managed Services gives you a holistic set of services designed to maximize the capability, performance and uptime of your mission critical applications and infrastructure, and ensures that you are always up and recording.

  Professional Services
NICE’s Professional Services ensures that your systems are properly installed, correctly maintained and have the right level of responsiveness and capabilities if things do go wrong.

NICE Events
NICE Events Actively engage with NICE and invest in a vendor relationship, have your requirements and opinions heard and valued and be informed about the things that could impact you the most.


Other Videos

NTR for Microsoft Teams: Solution Demo
Certified by Microsoft, the NICE Trading Recording (NTR) platform captures all Microsoft Teams communication types like voice, video, chat, screen sharing and more. Watch the solution in action.

  TRADE Calls: NICE Compliance – Keeping on Top of Communications
Lee Garf, general manager at NICE Compliance speaks to The TRADE about the current demand for best practice communication tools during the lockdown, and shares his outlook on which communication apps will be the industry standard.

NICE COMPASS: Solution Overview
NICE COMPASS can help you to meet today’s compliance challenges head-on and protect your firm's reputation, by automating your communication compliance assurance processes and system provisioning.


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