The Future of Operations - Beyond Process Automation

Co-created by NICE Robotic Automation and Deloitte*, this insightful report offers organizations the practical guidance needed to successfully integrate robotic and cognitive automation technology into the enterprise’s operational make up.

The paper seeks to empower organizations who wish to become tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and practical tools needed to advance their process automations and operational success. The following issues and trends are unpacked:
  • How the combination of Robotic and Cognitive automation (R&CA) brings technology closer to human intelligence.
  • How R&CA is perceived and experienced across different market entities spanning, the end customer, the technology vendor and the enterprise.
  • A simulated business case demonstrating a self-service banking scenario utilizing a myriad of new generation cognitive tools.

* Brightman Almagor Zohar & Co. (" Deloitte  Israel")

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