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January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Public Safety & Justice Track Agenda

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Data overload, budget uncertainties, increased public expectations, lack of transparency, a pressure to close more cases and disclose evidence faster, a need to do more with less -- these challenges cut across the entire criminal justice process. To address these challenges, agencies are turning to NICE for digital transformation. In this session, we’ll show you how NICE is helping agencies around the globe accelerate investigations, streamline evidence disclosure, work within reduced budgets, enhance digital collaboration with justice partners, and restore transparency and public trust.

  • Paul Alfano, RVP of Law Enforcement & Justice Solutions, NICE
  • Rod Guy, VP of Strategy, NICE

Now available on-demand (after registration)

Running an emergency communications center isn’t easy. Challenges can come from every direction: scrutiny over incident handling, funding, and staffing issues. Telecommunicators are the very heart of emergency communications, but with turnover at 20%+ nationwide, the revolving door is working against public safety answering points (PSAPs). In this session, you’ll learn how NICE Inform can give your PSAP the tools you need to improve retention, and coach, develop and train telecommunicators for success.

  • Joe Scaffidi, RVP of PSAP Performance Solutions, NICE
  • Karen Carlson, PSAP Product Manager, NICE, and former 911 Operations Manager at Brown County Public Safety Communications and Management Information Coordinator at FoxComm, Wisconsin

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