and the CARES Act:

Navigating the New AML & Fraud Dynamics

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With COVID-19 and the recent CARES Act, fraud and AML teams need to quickly address the rapidly evolving financial crime landscape. As financial criminals become savvier, it’s critical to adapt with speed and stay ahead.

To help you navigate these new dynamics, join our four-part webinar series featuring experts from Aite Group, PwC and NICE Actimize. In this series, gain perspectives on:

  • The CARES Act and its’ impact on financial crime risk management
  • Fraud and AML considerations: addressing rising fraud tactics, the impacts on KYC processes, and more
  • Best practices that hold true, even in challenging times like these
COVID-19 & CARES | Challenges & Opportunities in Fraud & AML

Based on Aite Group’s latest research reports, learn about the CARES Act, its impact on financial crime risk management, as well as challenges and opportunities for financial institutions.

Available on-demand here

Speakers: David O’Connell and Trace Fooshee | Aite Group
COVID-19 & CARES | The Impact on Fraud & AML Controls

In this interactive discussion, hear PwC and NICE Actimize experts discuss challenges for financial services organizations and why you need to look at controls differently.

Available on-demand here

Speakers: Vikas Agarwal, Partner, Financial Services Advisory Practice | PwC
COVID-19 & CARES | Insights from Actimize Fraud Experts

Ready to have YOUR questions answered? Join and hear perspectives from the NICE Actimize Fraud team as they discuss industry insights from Actimize fraud analytics.

Available on-demand here

Speakers: NICE Actimize Subject Matter Experts
COVID-19 and CARES | KYC Xpress: Expedite KYC Processes with Customer Intelligence

In this session, learn how NICE Actimize KYC Xpress empowers financial institutions to accelerate critical KYC processes.

Available on-demand here

Speakers: Ted Sausen and Ajit Tharaken | NICE Actimize