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Financial crime investigations aren’t easy. You’re pulling in data from many different directions, from all kinds of sources. Ready to make your life easier?

NICE Actimize introduces ActOne: the market’s first AI-enabled financial crime investigation platform.

Financial crime investigation is all about building a story to make the right decisions. It’s time for a shift in how we write that story. NICE Actimize’s ActOne is just what your intelligent, yet overwhelmed, team needs.

As the market’s first AI-enabled investigation management platform, ActOne improves decision making and reduces investigation time for a single alert by up to 70 percent. ActOne addresses inefficient workflow and process, sending resource allocation to the right risk areas to fight financial fraud and crime.

With ActOne, your team can:
Unify Data

Bring together internal and external data from all sources, all in one place.

See Visual Storytelling

Gain a single view of risk and deeper insights to spot patterns and relationships to fight fraud.

Experience Advanced Automation

With a virtual workforce, let robots take on tedious tasks so analysts can focus on critical decisions.

Reduction in investigation time for a single alert
Less false positives