Watch the Webinar Series and Become an Agile Customer Experience Expert

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear for businesses, it’s that CX organizations need to be prepared for whatever comes next! Following the shakeup, uncertainty, and times of extreme change, CX leaders now plan and navigate their way forward and must attain extreme business flexibility in order to be prepared for whatever comes next.

This new business flexibility, Agile Customer Experience, must be an integral part of CX operations to thrive in our new uncertain reality.

Join our 3-part webinar series featuring Omer Minkara, Aberdeen, Melissa O'Brien, HFS Research, and Chris Bauserman, NICE inContact, to get fully equipped with your very own Agile Customer Experience plan and make sure you are future-ready NOW. On your way to becoming an Agile Customer Experience Expert, you will learn:

  • How to ensure your organization is prepared to make rapid changes with a positive impact to the business
  • How to make critical decisions in a state of uncertainty and move fast in a constantly changing reality
  • How to generate agile insights, offer agile service, and maintain an agile workforce

On Demand

Establishing the Right Foundation for an Agile Customer Experience Service

Join this webinar on Agile Service to learn what is needed to establish the right foundation in your Contact Center to drive success. We will share real world examples of how a cloud native CX platform can outperform in a world of constantly changing realities. You will see how this digital-first approach provides the right suite of purpose built applications necessary to infuse speed, elasticity and self-service in your organization.  

Chris Bauserman_Pic_headshot_color.png
Chris Bauserman
VP, Segment and Product Marketing, NICE inContact

On Demand

Gaining Visibility with Agile Customer Experience Insights

Join this webinar on Agile Insights to learn how smart visibility into customer and employee interactions is driving performance and creating better experiences. We will share some recently collected data on how organizations are dealing with recent events, and provide real world examples of leveraging the power of AI-driven Analytics to gain insight into customer interactions and contact center processes. We will discuss how this CX approach works, whether your employees are working from home, the office or flexible home/office arrangements.  

Omer Minkara
Omer Minkara
VP & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen

On Demand

Empowering an Agile Customer Experience Workforce

Join this webinar on Agile Workforce to learn how to understand and take action on the needs and ideas of employees as well as have them focus on high value work through real-time guidance and automating mundane tasks. Our expert will provide real world examples on how to strengthen the agility of your employees by providing them the tools that allow them to be more successful, efficient and engaged. We will show how this works in a variety of settings, and what the future holds for empowering the workforce as we enter new work realities.

Melissa O’Brien
Research VP, HFS Research


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