Patrick Chance Thomas, CFE, CAMS

The fast-paced transformation of technology has provided financial institutions with new tools but has also enabled new means for committing financial crimes. For smaller FIs the repercussions of fincrime and non-compliance can be detrimental, so it’s important to stay on top of new fraud trends and changes in regulatory requirements as well as make the most out of available resources.

Join us in our new series focused on smarter, better, faster fincrime trends and tips aimed at smaller FIs.

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Part I: Rising Fraud and the Impact on Small Banks & Credit Unions
  • Fraud trends that are hitting the smaller bank market hard
  • Precursors to look out for to identify fraudulent activity
  • Tips for fraud mitigation
Part II: Optimizing your Onboarding & KYC Practices
  • How to build effective question sets
  • The benefits of a flexible onboarding process
  • How to keep up with changing regulatory requirements
Part III: Fighting False Positives
  • How to utilize flexible rules to your advantage
  • The benefits of segmentation
  • How simulation can help reduce false positives

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