Amid the rapid growth of transaction volumes and the steady increase of regulatory expectations around AML compliance, a data deluge has resulted in an explosion of red flag alerts and false positives, which call into question the effectiveness of transaction monitoring systems.

The challenge is that these systems constantly demand additional information – and the more timely and granular the data, the better. However, collecting, and assessing data at scale is incredibly complex. At the same time, bad actors continue evolving their strategies and adopting increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques to evade detection, highlighting the need for transaction monitoring processes and technologies to be continually enhanced and optimised.

Still, many organisations suffer through backlogs, workflow challenges, and high false positive rates. In this webinar, we talk to industry practitioners about the practices and tools the industry can use to maximise transaction monitoring efficiency and effectiveness, improve the detection of suspicious activity, and speed up investigations.

  • Data hygiene and continuous enrichment as foundational components
  • The effective use of AI and machine learning
  • Applying advanced analytics to uncover hidden networks
  • Model optimisation and predictive scoring
  • Leveraging collective intelligence through federated learning

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