It’s Time for Smarter, Faster FRAML Webinar Series

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Fighting sophisticated financial crimes in a pandemic era while having to comply with ever-changing regulations raises challenges for today’s financial services organizations. Time and resources are often spent in areas that should be allocated to elevating the customer experience to effectively compete in the market.

In this series, learn how a cloud-based, AI-first approach to fraud prevention and AML allows you to outsmart financial criminals with faster and smarter decisions – so your teams can focus on where it counts the most.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder with NICE Actimize Xceed.

Available on-demand:

Part 1: A Proactive Approach to Combating Digital Banking Fraud
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Learn how to manage digital banking fraud and money laundering with speed and accuracy. Gain insights on how to increase efficiency and collaboration between fraud and AML teams with unified case management.

Part 2: Addressing ACH and Check Fraud with Accuracy and Efficiency
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Explore how to reduce fraud losses and minimize risk for ACH and check processing. Learn how Xceed’s advanced unsupervised machine learning reduces false positives, and improves operational efficiency and compliance.

Part 3: Addressing Wire Fraud with Advanced Machine Learning and Analytics
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Learn how to address wire fraud in real-time with Xceed’s unique behavior-based fraud detection technology. Calculate real-time risk scores for every transaction to quarantine high-risk wires.

Part 4: Streamlining KYC, CDD and Data Verification Processes
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See how Xceed expedites KYC/CDD processes with real-time onboarding and ongoing monitoring. With powerful insights, DataIQ aggregates data from a wide variety of sources for customer verification - streamlining investigations with actionable and verified intelligence.

Part 5: Transaction Monitoring and Compliance with FRAML
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Learn how Xceed’s unsupervised machine learning and analytics fuel transaction monitoring and ongoing screening. Built-in automation accelerates regulatory reporting such as SARs/CTRs, all while maintaining compliance.

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