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Thursday, September 8, 2022 | 11:00 am ET / 4:00 pm BST

Demystifying Agent Engagement and Making it Real

Enhancing agent engagement should be a top priority for contact center leaders, as it can be an effective approach for improving the customer experience and reducing agent attrition. The challenge is that the term agent engagement means something different to every person, which makes it a difficult goal to achieve. This NICE talk will describe what agent engagement is, explain ways to measure it, and discuss why it’s so important for your contact center performance, agent wellbeing, and customer satisfaction. It will also share best practices to help contact center managers get started in enhancing agent engagement.

Join this session to learn:

  • What agent engagement really is and how to measure it
  • The benefits of agent engagement: improved employee engagement = enhanced customer experience
  • Best practices to improve agent engagement
  • Case studies of agent engagement through performance management, coaching, quality management, and gamification.

Donna Fluss Jodi Reuven
DMG Consulting LLC              
Product Marketing Manager

On Demand

Create "Wow" Experiences with AI-enabled Speech Analytics

Have you ever contacted a customer service center and wondered how they knew what you needed before you did? The answer lies in their trove of data and their magical ability to uncover key data insights using AI. Advanced AI-enabled speech analytics empowers front line agents to better engage and anticipate needs of customers—delivering the wow experience. Speech analytics also improves customers’ ability to self-serve for fast resolution.

Join this session and learn the secrets behind these wow experiences:
  • Quadrant Knowledge's market analysis of speech analytics solutions
  • How AI-enabled speech analytics is delivering just-in-time information to key stakeholders
  • Recommendations on selecting and adopting AI-enabled speech analytics
  • Case studies from today's leading organizations

Sofia Ali Lauren Maschio
Research Analyst
Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
Senior Manager Product Marketing   NICE

On Demand

Going Beyond the Traditional Boundaries to gain ownership of your entire CX

The modern contact center approaches customers differently than the traditional one. The customer is now the true epicenter, driving the contact center’s focus.

Contact centers are going through a renaissance, and creating the “wow” experience is now pivotal to their success as customers become more demanding. The drive to delight customers is leading to the adoption of new technologies, and organizations are looking to proactively meet customers’ needs instead of being passive and reactive.

In this session, you will learn:
  • The market dynamics that reshape today's contact centers
  • Investments paths to enable customer-centric, flexible, and future-proof CX

Oru Mohiuddin Amir Cohen
Senior Research Manager,
Enterprise Communications and Collaboration
Director of Marketing, Workforce & Customer Experience

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