Faster Payments Fraud Management: Learn from past mistakes

As we begin to roll out faster payments in the U.S., there is a common fear from Financial Service Organizations (FSOs) of all the “what ifs”. “What if we are unable to mitigate fraud attacks fast enough?” “What if our customers have a bad experience?” “What if our reputation is damaged?”
But what if you could anticipate the growing pains of moving your institution to faster payments?

Faster payments have been around in the UK for over a decade and there are some long term and immediate impacts we can learn from.

Join us for a webinar where we will discuss lessons learned from fighting faster payments fraud. Rob Tharle, NICE Actimize Fraud Subject Matter Expert - will share his experiences from launching faster payments while working in different European banks. Accompanying him will be Nithin Mangalore, NICE Actimize Product Manager, to discuss what we’ve been seeing in the last few years while protecting faster payments in the U.S, including Same Day ACH, Zelle and The Clearing House Real-Time Payments (TCH RTP).

During this session they will be sharing their expertise on what tools and strategies need to be implemented for current and near future threats:
  • Detecting fraud on faster payments using expert-infused machine learning
  • Changing your fraud operations to utilize automation and dedicated faster payments workflows
  • Balancing security and frictionless customer experience on faster payments
“Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others experience” - Otto Von Bismark