Fighting Financial Crime with Advanced Data Analytics

A Step Change

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Innovations including advanced data analytics provide many opportunities for firms to bring a step change to their financial crime programs. From detection model gains for responding to newly discovered threats to alert investigations and information sharing for operational efficiency, it’s important to consider the implementation, support and model governance to ultimately productize advanced data analytics within compliance systems.

With advanced data analytics, organizations can now make sense of vast structured and unstructured data, all while driving greater efficiencies across all stages of the AML lifecycle.

In this study produced by Aite Group, learn how advanced data analytics can benefit AML programs, including:

  • How firms are planning for the future by looking to technology innovations to rapidly and significantly improve their ability to detect and prevent financial crime.
  • How advanced data analytics enable continuously optimized analytics for better detection and lower false positives.
  • How to harness structured and instructed as well as internal and external data en mass to fuel analytics
The good news is that there are many opportunities through the use of innovation to not only improve one individual area but to create positive links between multiple areas across the AML lifecycle, from CDD/KYC at on-boarding through to detection and investigations.