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Fraud Focus:
Connecting Your Organization to Fight Fraud and Improve Customer Experience 

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

If you’re looking to bring greater transparency while developing a single view of your financial crime risks, then standardizing your case management is the way to do it.

The cost of financial crime operations has steadily increased and is driven by two main factors—increased volume of alerts, and how operational units are typically siloed and federated. This creates redundancy and inefficiencies which impact overall costs.

The enterprise case manager is the common denominator that ties everything together.

  •      Connect information across financial products and channels — e.g. deposit accounts, cards, loans, and investments 
  •      Provide direct insight to cyber-intelligence, claims, disputes, returns, and recoveries
  •      Automate controls and workflow 
  •      Auto-populate SAR forms
  •      Strengthen collaboration with AML teams

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