The Emotional Toll of Fraud and Its Impact on the Client Experience Webinar 

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

On-Demand Webinar

Customers demand a seamless digital experience with immediate account access, while also holding their financial services organization (FSO) to the highest standard in safeguarding their assets.

When consumers fall victim to fraud – whether it’s through an account takeover, theft of personal information that results in new account fraud or because of their own negligence – they expect their FSO to help them resolve the issue. And when the firm doesn’t step up, even if the fraud occurred outside their realm of responsibility, the experience for the consumer is nearly always negative. What’s more, when consumers have to resolve fraud losses by themselves, with no support from their primary financial services provider, they are more likely to close accounts and to feel ashamed that they fell victim to a scam.

Digital-first banking has accelerated the urgency for FSOs to balance the need for customer acquisition, retention and growth, while mitigating the potential risks of digital native banking and provide an experience with optimal friction.

Join us for an interactive discussion on how new and emerging fraud threats from digital acceleration are impacting both consumers and financial institutions.

We’ll discuss:
  • The rate at which consumers decide to leave an institution because of an unresolved fraud loss
  • Why consumers look to FSOs more than any other organization when they suffer a fraud loss
  • Enhancing the client experience in the wake of a fraud event
  • Mitigating the firm’s risk without impacting customer experience

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