Fraud & Financial Crime Asia 2021
Convergence of Fraud & Money Laundering

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Every interaction between man, money and machine creates an opportunity for fraud, and financial crime. While Covid-19 created a new paradigm for how we do business and interact, in many cases for the better, it also created new opportunities for criminal enterprises. The digital revolution is moving faster than ever. In the financial services industry, there have been significant changes in how customer relationships are managed, which financial products and services customers use and how they access them. The rapid move to digital banking, combined with remote working, means financial crime risk management teams need to be increasingly agile, resilient and effective.

Watch the on-demand video series, presented by NICE Actimize’s leading experts in AML and fraud management, at the Fraud & Financial Crime Asia 2021, to find out more about current state of play, emerging trends and risk mitigation of financial crime & fraud in Asia. Our panel members also discussed the impact of compliance and risk operations structures, and the best practices to manage risk effectively in the digital age.

Video 1 - Financial Crime & Fraud Outlook 2021
  • Current state of play & emerging trends
  • Covid-19 specific fraud, scams, risks & typologies
  • Regional regulatory update
  • Information sharing, investigations and enforcements


Nick Wakefield

Nick Wakefield, Co-Founder,
Regulation Asia (moderator)

Jamil Ahmed

Jamil Ahmed, Chief Compliance Officer, HSBC

Nicole Uber Picture

Nicole Uber, Head of Fraud, NICE Actimize

Victor Apps

Victor Apps, Head of Fraud Risk Management, HK & GCNA (Interim), Standard Chartered Bank

Kim Downs Picture

Kim Downs, CAMS, CFE,
Enterprise Fraud Risk, ANZ

Video 2 - The Convergence of Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering
  • The silent threat: the convergence of fraud, money laundering & terrorist financing
  • Consolidating fraud & financial crime operations and risk mitigation
  • Efficiency gains, analytical insights and cost reduction
Sara Abbasi Picture

Sara Abbasi, Financial Crime Compliance Consultant, FINTRAIL (moderator)

Adam McLaughlin

Adam McLaughlin, Head of AML Product Strategy and AML SME

Eric Wan Picture

Eric Wan, Head of Financial Crime Compliance Controls, Mox Bank

Brad Maclean Picture

Brad Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

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