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January 21, 1:00 pm EST

The Scam Threat: What’s Next and How Banks Are Fighting Back

Financial institutions combat increasing authorised push payment fraud, social engineering scams, and account takeover attacks as more customers seek faster payment processing in digital channels. How do financial institutions manage their risk in a digital-first environment? If you missed “The Scam Threat: What’s Next and How Banks Are Fighting Back,” you can watch it on demand.
Our expert panel discussed key crime threats financial institutions face, including:

     • Trends in payment modernization and their impact on risk
     • Common scams encountered in a digital-first payments environment
     • Use of money mules and other tactics fraudsters use to avoid detection
     • Advanced financial crime controls such as better KYC data, stronger identity verification,
       and authentication tools
     • The risk-based approach to onboarding fintechs and crypto firms

Gain expert insight in combating scam threats to reduce your risk.

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