Dirty Dealing: Advancing the Fight Against Fraud in Asia Pacific

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

What’s the current fraud risk landscape and how can anti-fraud teams enhance their prevention and detection capabilities?

Online fraudsters use sophisticated tools and techniques that help them successfully evade bank authentication and ID verification measures. Combined with rapid digitalisation of financial services and accelerating payment settlements, it’s even harder for anti-fraud teams in banks to catch these digital-savvy fraudsters.
In this new white paper “Advancing the Fight Against Fraud in Asia Pacific,” NICE Actimize
in collaboration with Regulation Asia, deep dives into the current fraud risk landscape and how to enhance prevention and detection capabilities.

Gain insights on how to:
  • Safeguard customer accounts with effective measures that detect and respond to suspicious transactions
  • Use behavioural biometrics to detect malicious bot activity
  • Advance collaboration and data sharing initiatives between banks, regulators, and law enforcement

Learn how you can speed up communication, reduce pressure on your anti-fraud team, and protect customers from new and existing online scams.

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