Financial Markets Compliance Focus: Connecting Your Organization to Stop Market Abuse 

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Traditionally, a typical FI’s financial crime units are siloed to better focus on their own risk domains. This has led to each domain conducting investigations and managing data sources in their own unique ways. However, this unfortunately leads to overlap, and criminals have learned to exploit these inefficiencies.

Thankfully, the industry is started to take steps in limiting these inefficiencies. NICE Actimize is leading the charge in helping FIs better manage their cases by providing a single global view of market abuse:

  •       Regular expectations of firms to increasingly monitor conduct, culture, and accountability 
  •       Best practices for centralizing data across the organization 
  •       Strengthen collaboration between siloed teams 
  •       See how SURVEIL-X and ActOne leverage AML systems to combat market abuse 
  •       Establishing a collaborative investigation practice  

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