January 21, 1:00 pm EST

NICE Actimize Achieves Highest Scores in Aite Group’s Global Fraud and Money Laundering Case Management Report

NICE Actimize was recently ranked Best-in-Class in Aite Group’s inaugural 2020 "Aite Matrix: Case Management to Combat Global Fraud and Money Laundering" report among this year's 9 participating vendors. The NICE Actimize ActOne Investigation and Case Management Platform achieved the highest average scores across a number of measured parameters, which included vendor stability, product features and client strength.

Aite Matrix Image

According to the Aite Group Matrix report, NICE Actimize’s ActOne Investigation and Case Management Platform offers a number of significant, differentiating attributes, observing that, "RPA is used to automate repetitive, manual processes; use cases include alert assignments, data pulls, validation checks, Google map searches, account closures and openings subsequent to fraud events, and communications to make financial crimes operations more efficient.”

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