Learn How Proactive Staffing Delivers Immediate ROI  

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Contact center managers must take part in the delicate balancing act of accurately forecasting staffing needs. Intraday and future-day staffing challenges present themselves at every turn, overstaffing eats away at earnings, and leaders must be prepared to cover inbound call spikes and unexpected events. Leaders also face pressure to increase organizational efficiency without compromising on quality.


Today’s digital capabilities empower contact centers to rapidly reduce costs with automatic staffing optimization. In our ebook, “How Proactive Staffing is the Path to Immediate ROI,” we detail how staffing can be monitored, measured and automatically managed to pay dividends from day one. 


Backed by hard numbers, this ebook draws on thought leadership to illustrate the immediate operational value of proactive staffing in five key areas:   


  • Voluntary time-off: Making schedule changes a two-way street.  
  • Shift swaps ad trades: Giving agents more control over their schedules.  
  • WFM process automation: Saving time and using it better. 
  • Adherence alerts: Providing the tools for self-correction. 
  • Extra hours: Solving the “right staffing” equation. 
Download our ebook to learn how proactive staffing delivers immediate ROI.

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