How to Drive Long-term ROI Through Employee Engagement  

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Contact center leaders often turn to automated, responsive staffing solutions to deliver immediate ROI by reducing overstaffing, streamlining operational processes and more.


In addition to the immediate operational impact, however, there are longer-range benefits as well thanks to increased employee engagement. Engaged employees have been proven to deliver significant financial benefits over multiple time periods.
In our ebook, “How Engagement is the Path to ROI Growth,” we detail how technology for scheduling optimization can increase engagement through a measurable impact on:
  • Employee retention: Reduce employee turnover through work-life balance
  • Hiring and development: Recruit, onboard and develop the best and brightest
  • Customer satisfaction and sales: Drive revenue with happier, more engaged employees
We draw on research and thought leadership from Harvard Business Review, Gallup, the Society for Human Resource Management, and more to demonstrate how advanced, proactive employee management solutions can creative satisfied and engaged employees, for longer-range ROI.

Download the ebook now to learn how engagement can be the path to ROI growth for your organization.

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