Detect, prevent, and investigate financial crimes

Does your bank protect you with actimize?

Financial Crime:

Protect Yourself


Use passwords wisely

  • Make sure you have strong passwords – it’s a hassle, but as long as passwords are needed, you need to make it hard for anyone to guess them
  • Use a password manager so you don't resort to reusing passwords across different sites

Take your time

  • Don't be rushed, especially by anyone that calls you – if it’s truly a bank representative on the line they will not rush you
  • Check things independently as much as possible to validate who you are dealing with

Keep your software up-to-date to avoid malware

  • Stop hackers from taking advantage of software vulnerabilities
  • Remember to update software on all your devices


Don’t connect insecurely

  • Using unsecured WiFi, just because it’s free, is like using an unwrapped toothbrush you just found

Don’t share personal information on social media

  • Beware of memes asking to share information such as first pet and mother’s maiden name to find your 'elf name'

Don’t click on links in emails or texts

  • Always go directly to the bank’s URL or app – the easy way here might lead you into a honeypot
Protecting You is Our Business

NICE Actimize provides financial service organizations solutions to protect you from financial crime. We’ve been fighting financial crime for almost 20 years, protecting more than $5T each day. We are consistently ranked as number one in the space and serve a broad range of institutions – from the biggest banks in the world, to community banks and credit unions.

We provide real-time fraud prevention, anti-money laundering detection, and trade surveillance solutions to financial service organizations to protect consumers and organizations:

  • We monitor payments transactions to make sure it’s really you sending money from your account
  • We look for market manipulation across the globe to make sure that stock prices aren’t being tampered with
  • We ensure government safety regulations are being complied with so that you are protected

How we do it?

Our solutions use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable banks to:

  • Scan every transaction within milliseconds
  • Detect risky transactions
  • Stop suspicious transactions instantly
  • Communicate with you efficiently
Don’t become part of the statistics
Americans lost nearly $1.5B to fraud in 2018*
A typical business loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud each year*
The estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is 2 - 5% of global GDP*
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