What’s next for CX? Going beyond the contact center

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Join us for Digital CX Week 2021 to learn how next-gen CX can exceed the boundaries of your contact center. Hear from leading industry analysts about the latest CX trends to build your digital-first CX strategy for 2022 now.

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the top five customer experience trends that will define 2022

the possibilities of CX beyond the contact center
how customer expectations are shaping today’s digital-first customer journey
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Find out how to deliver seamless, end-to-end, omnidigital, AI-infused customer experiences—empowering customer journeys from the very beginning.


Future Predictions: Your 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Strategy

In this webinar, guest speaker Max Ball, Principal Analyst at Forrester will speak to the state of omnidigital experience, and the top priorities leaders should incorporate within 2022 planning. Get a primer on the customer motivations shaping today’s digital-first customer journey and discover how these expectations and behaviors translate into technology, workforce, and business priorities. What are the top five customer experience trends defining 2022? Get tomorrow’s forecast by registering today.

Max Ball Chris Bauserman
Principal Analyst
VP Marketing     

How Smart Self-Service Improves Digital CX and Lowers Costs

Consumers' preferences for self-service continue to rise. Meanwhile, Aberdeen's research shows that brands struggle to optimize self-service experiences to keep up with changing customer behavior and expectations. With smarter self-service, leading contact centers in Aberdeen's research realize 37% greater success in issue resolution, while reporting significant growth in CX results and operational efficiency gains. Join this webinar to learn:

  • The future of self-service: How to drive innovation to keep up with customer needs
  • The ROI of smart self-service
  • Building blocks leading firms use to transform self-service experiences 
  • Real-life success stories

Omer Minkara Andy Traba
VP & Principal Analyst 
Director of Product Marketing


Instant Gratification: How to Move at the Speed of Your Customers at Scale

In the short-attention span era of millennials and Gen Z, each moment is an opportunity to lose your customer. Help me tomorrow? Help is on the way? In this digital-first world, ain’t nobody got time for all that! Customers are used to getting immediate results and help. Much so, that “real-time” isn’t the goal, it’s the bare minimum. Through AI and automation, being able to understand your customers so well, you can anticipate their needs before or in the moment they occur is the new standard. Learn how to capitalize on the power of right now. 

  • Real-time is the minimum expectation; Proactive/anticipatory is the gold standard
  • Self-help is the best help: Help customers find the answers they need
  • Personalization is the minimum
  • Tools and technology to empower agents to deliver instant results and satisfaction

Blake Morgan                                                     

Aaron Rice                                                           
Laura Bassett               
CX Futurist
VP CXone Expert
NICE CXone   
Sr. Director Product and Competitive Marketing


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