January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Contact Center Work From Home - Best Practices

On Demand Virtual Event

With measures around COVID-19 globally escalating, organizations are required to balance employee safety with maintaining critical service to millions of customers. Contact centers are now facing their biggest challenge ever: transitioning office-based representatives to work from home agents.  

Join us in this virtual event to learn how to successfully transition your contact center to a work from home environment.

Event Agenda:

Chapter 1: Transitioning Your Contact Center to Work From Home

Chapter 2: Setting Up the Foundation for Work From Home

Chapter 3: Work From Home: A WFM Perspective

Chapter 4: Managing Home Agents Performance

Chapter 5: Customer Panel: WFH Transition - Lessons Learned (Frontline, Trupanion)

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Best practices resources will be available to you during the session.

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