Preparing for Faster Payments: The path forward for U.S. community financial institutions

Many U.S. community and regional financial institutions are just now making sense of what faster payments will mean to their business. The launch of The Clearing House’s RTP last fall, along with the explosive rise in popularity of P2P payments in recent years can redefine the role financial institutions play in the U.S. financial services system, and prove the critical shift that determines which providers stay relevant in the payments revolution.

There is a critical need for financial institutions of all sizes to gear up for opportunities in the faster payments space. However, with faster payments comes faster fraud. We know that early implementations of faster payments have come with spikes in fraud. So, how can your FI and your customers stay safe as faster payments systems roll out in the U.S.?

Join us for a complimentary webinar where our industry experts will provide deep insights into the evolution of faster payments, why the current fraud controls are ineffective to address the speed of fraud in instant payments world, building a strategic fraud program to keep pace with faster payments and lessons learned for U.S. community and regional financial institutions.

Let us help you be a part of the faster payments ecosystem. NICE Actimize can guide you in building out the capacity to provide frictionless, but secure, payment experience to gain and retain customers and remain competitive in the coming years.

Our Speakers:

Mary Ann Miller, Senior Director and Fraud Executive Advisor | NICE Actimize:

Mary Ann Miller is a global authority on enterprise fraud and risk management. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in decision analytics, operational excellence, and customer centricity, Ms. Miller consults with financial institutions worldwide to establish business and technology strategies pertinent to the cultural climate and individual business needs. As the head of NICE Actimize’s financial crime consulting and industry relations practice, Ms. Miller leads the development of fraud-focused strategic consulting services. She has led cross-functional teams to conduct enterprise implementation projects and execute complex, large-scale fraud and risk management strategy using a customer-centric approach.

Brenda Buetow, Senior Manager | Crowe Risk Consulting

Brenda Buetow has over 20 years' experience in financial crimes consulting providing significant assistance to her clients, local law enforcement, federal regulators, and the F.B.I. Her experience includes forensic accounting, data analytics, and the detection, prevention, monitoring, and investigation of financial crimes including money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, BOD misconduct, and various other fraud schemes. She has testified as a fact witness and an expert witness.


June 26, 2 P.M. EDT


  • Real time payments roll out
  • Building a strategic fraud program
  • What has changed in the fraud detection requirements
  • US markets and lessons learned
  • The considerations before launching instant payments products
  • Building the right fraud solution

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