January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Xceed Power Insight Webinar Series On-Demand

    Historically, financial services organizations (FSOs) separated fraud prevention and anti-money laundering (AML) efforts – whether it be by team structure, investigations or tools. However, we’re at the cusp of change. 

    Criminals are working together. Your AML and Fraud teams should be, too.

    Many investigation teams are still working remotely and struggling to keep up. But criminals have been tenured remote workers and COVID-19 didn’t slow them down one bit. In fact, they’ve ramped up attacks and targeted inexperienced FSOs – many of which have limited resources and tools already. When you consider the volume and speed of fraudulent transactions, along with the siloed tools and investigation teams, you realize that this disjointed approach negatively affects your efficiency and operational costs in fighting financial crime. 

    Part 1: The Power of Always On AI: Complete and Connected Fraud & AML
    In our first installation, we cover insights into best practices on collaboration across investigation teams, our approach to the most complete fraud and AML platform, and use cases for unified case management through our Xceed platform.

    Part 2: The Power of Real-time Intervention: Staying Ahead of Card Fraud
    In part two, we teamed up with our partner REDi to discuss how you can leverage AI and ML to identify fraudulent card transactions, create a single view of fraud risk across all digital channels, and most importantly, how to protect your customers and intervene before loss is incurred.

    Part 3: The Power of Behavioral Analytics: Protecting P2P Payments
    In our final installation, we featured Star One Credit Union and their story on why they introduced Zelle as a payment option for their members, the importance of real-time analytics for their launch, and the ease of assessing risk in one interface using Xceed.

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