On-Demand Webinars:

Lead Your Organization into the Future of FinCrime Prevention & Compliance

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

The digital revolution is moving faster than ever. In the financial services industry, there have been significant changes in how customer relationships are managed, which financial products and services customers use and how they access them. The rapid move to digital banking, combined with remote working, means financial crime risk management teams need to be increasingly agile, resilient and effective. 

Are your organization’s technology solutions, infrastructure and processes up for the challenge? 

Join us for our two part series with NICE Actimize’s leading experts in AML and fraud management where they’ll discuss and debate the future of financial crime risk management, giving you the insights you need to successfully lead your organization.


Part 1: On-Demand Webinar

During this session, hear about the most challenging emerging trends, threats and regulations across AML and fraud. We’ll also cover:

  •      Strategies to lead your risk and compliance organization during these transformative years
  •      Understanding the impact of existing compliance and risk operations structures
  •      Best practices to manage risk, yet remain effective in the digital age
  •      Adam McLaughlin – Head of AML Product Strategy and Marketing
  •      Nicole Uber – Fraud Expert
  •      Ted Sausen – AML Expert

Part 2: On-Demand Webinar

Discover how to achieve real results using the latest technology to power your financial crime program. You’ll also learn about:

  •      Advanced technology solutions to combat financial crime and support your compliance needs
  •      Consortium data to understand entity-level threats across financial services
  •      The importance of the cloud for speed, scale, agility and resilience


  • Adam McLaughlin – Global Head of AML Strategy and Marketing
  • Jason Vinson – Senior Product Management Director, X-Sight 
  • Parit Patel – Director, Pre-Sales, EMEA

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