Synchronize Your Efforts to Deliver Best-in-Class Risk Management 

On-Demand Webinar

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Existing siloed approaches to financial crime management have led to pockets of stale information that lack meaningful insight and perpetuate a reactive approach. Reacting without an accurate and comprehensive understanding of each entity causes teams to make imperfect decisions, which are then compounded into inaccurate monitoring and negative outcomes.

Join us where we’ll reveal a new approach - contextual risk profiling - that steps up FinCrime decision accuracy and speed by breaking down data silos and enhancing existing feedback mechanisms with a consolidated risk profile and score.

A contextual risk approach is the new ‘Risk-Based Approach’ and is underpinned by NICE Actimize’s newest solution, allowing organizations to:

  • Uncover hidden risks and optimize monitoring
  • Pinpoint truly suspicious activity and streamline investigation processes
  • Minimize fraud and reduce customer friction
  • Drive revenue opportunities

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