Behind the Mask:
The Changing Face of Fraud and Money Laundering in Asia
On-Demand Webinar

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Fueled by opportunity as experts in evasion, and driven by the necessity to transform profits from illegal activities, the stakes in the fight against money laundering has never been higher for financial institutions.

Synthetic identities, account takeovers and mule accounts have become all-too-common techniques for bad actors to exploit the financial system and other emerging digital channels for accessing services. These stealth opponents and their ever-evolving typologies have been increasingly difficult to detect with traditional fraud and money laundering prevention tools.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will explore the impact of fraud on Asia's financial institutions; its growing importance as a national security priority for most countries; and how network analytics, entity resolution and identity verification along with real-time fraud prevention techniques can be used to protect customers and institutions.

Our panel will also discuss how new information sharing platforms – such as those being developed in Singapore and Japan – present a fundamentally different pathway for responding to fraud and money laundering, and how they will be used to detect and prevent illicit flows in the financial system at a wider scale.


  • The face of fraud: An outlook based on recent trends, typologies and enforcement actions
  • New challenges, new tools: A look at how quality data and analytics techniques are being used to detect true risk among networks, beneficiaries and customer groups
  • Proactive prevention: Using known threats and anomaly detection to unmask synthetic identities and mule accounts
  • Network disruption: Exploring how new information sharing platforms will function and help detect and disrupt networks of mule accounts/shell companies


RA pic.jpg        
Brad Maclean                                                       
Co-founder & Moderator                 
Regulation Asia           
RA Pic2.jpg
Jamil Ahmed 
Chief Compliance Officer 
HSBC Singapore 

RA Pic1.jpg
Glenn Fratangelo 
Global Head of Strategy, Enterprise Fraud 
NICE Actimize 

RA Pic4.jpg
Victor Apps
Regional Fraud Risk Lead, Asia 
Standard Chartered Bank

RA Pic3.jpg
Matthew Field 
APAC Market Lead, Anti-Money Laundering 
NICE Actimize

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