Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
1:00 pm EDT

Digital Containment: What Is It, and Why Does Customer Experience Collapse Without It?

Presented By: Ram Kamp, Director of Customer Success, NICE

Multi-channel customer engagements are no longer the exception to the rule; they are the norm, and delivering a consistent, reliable experience across these channels is critical to maintaining customer loyalty. As your brand strives for digital transformation in the Age of the Customer, you’ll never achieve that goal without digital containment—ensuring customers who enter your digital channels remain and complete their tasks within those channels. In addition to creating satisfying, low-effort customer experiences, digital containment offers a powerful ROI: One NICE client demonstrated a $12 million annual savings by increasing containment 1%...and a typical client increases theirs by more than 12%. Do the math, and reserve your seat for this informative webinar session.