Analytics Driven Quality Management
Analytics Driven Quality Management

Do you monitor 100% of your customer and agent interactions? Do you target your listening to the interactions that matter most? The ones that enable your agents to grow and improve as well as improve your metrics?
It’s time to change! The best-in-class contact centers are already evolving how they monitor, measure, and improve quality to keep pace with the complexity of supporting new channels and delivering superior customer service.

Read this white paper to launch your Quality Management initiatives into the present by reading how other contact centers have successfully aligned processes to their most critical business initiatives using analytics.

The white paper discusses 5 case studies covering topics on how to:

  • Draw insights from the calls, chat and emails that have the greatest impact.
  • Streamline the evaluation process so that it is representative and fair for agents.
  • Improve average handle time, hold time and other key metrics.
  • Spend more time on targeted coaching to improve performance.

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