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This is the era of the engaged customer and the engaged employee. Engaged customers expect personalized ‎products, interactions, and relationships with companies through engaged employees. The C-Suite expects Human ‎Resources (HR) to drive shareholder value by tying recruiting and employee performance to specific outcomes and ‎goals, one of the most critical is delivering excellent and profitable customer experiences. ‎

But HR is also faced with having to meet engaged employees’ expectations. Too often HR departments are saddled ‎with outdated processes that inhibit their ability to square employee expectations, labor market realities, and ‎corporate goals. Notable examples include annual reviews and one-size-fits-all recruiting. ‎

Personalized workforce optimization (PWFO) is emerging as a solution to enable productive employee engagement ‎by treating employees as individuals. PWFO permits creation of employee personas with skills, experience, and ‎temperament that have proven to be successful in those positions. Companies can use PWFO to achieve successful ‎end-to-end recruitment, onboarding, performance and talent management, and enhanced employee engagement, ‎resulting in stronger outcomes. ‎

With PWFO, companies can meet C-Suite goals with engaged employees.‎