AML regulations and expectations in the Middle East – Are you doing enough?

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Last year, the UAE FATF Mutual Evaluation Report resulted in changing and tightening the regulatory landscape for the UAE. It’s not just the UAE though - as global AML regulations are getting tougher, it looks like the wider Middle East region will follow this trend.


Financial institutions (FIs) need to reassess their financial crime programs to ensure they are effectively managing their financial crime risk and maintaining a compliant program. This requires a holistic understanding of their customers and their associated risks. Organizations must also embrace newer compliance technologies and update legacy, siloed systems.


Our distinguished panel will discuss:

  • What does the future regulatory landscape look like in the Middle East?
  • What is AML regulatory focus across the globe?
  • How can your FI be effective and adapt quickly to changing risks?



Bryan Stirewalt - Chief Executive | Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) 

Ursula M’Crystal – AML Expert, Former head of Money Laundering Surveillance Unit with Standard Bank

Nipun Srivastava – Director, Financial Services Regulatory Advisory | Deloitte Professional Services (DIFC) Limited

Adam McLaughlin – AML Head of Strategy and Marketing | NICE Actimize

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