AI & Financial Crime in 2022 and Beyond

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Financial crime is an ever-present danger to all financial services. The fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic in the past year, including the resulting economic downturn, continues to exacerbate the problem, presenting criminals a perfect storm of opportunity to capitalise on the most vulnerable businesses and individuals.

Bad actors have profited from the pandemic, while financial crime detection systems at financial institutions are flooded with false positives. Institutions have had to adjust to a new ‘normal’, graph analytics and supervised and unsupervised models can help them keep pace with quickly evolving criminal behaviours.

Join us as we unveil the findings of a new research study by Regulation Asia and NICE Actimize. The study explored the opportunities and threats in the adoption of AI/ML for the detection and prevention of financial crime in Asia.

Key learning outcomes:
      - AML preparedness research findings
      - The evolving fraud and financial crime landscape
      - Expectations on regulatory pressure
      - False starts, measuring success, and other non-events
      - Redefining fraud and financial crime models in the 'new normal’


Brad Maclean

Brad Maclean, Co-Founder,
Regulation Asia 

Matthew Field

Matthew Field, APAC Market Director,
AML, NICE Actimize

Nicole Uber Picture

Nicole Uber, Head of Fraud, NICE Actimize

Manesh Samtani picture

Manesh Samtani, Editor & Moderator, Regulation Asia

Ted Sausen's Picture

Ted Sausen, AML Subject Matter Expert,
NICE Actimize

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