January 21, 1:00 pm EST

2021 Asia Trends and Outlook:
The Future Fight against Financial Crime

2020 has brought the toughest public health and economic challenges the world has faced for generations. The International Monetary Fund forecasts the global economy to contract 4.9% this year, its worst performance since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Recovery may come in 2021, but it will likely be uneven.

One near-certainty about the "new normal" is that life will be subject to periodic pandemic-induced disruptions until the coronavirus is effectively contained. The virus is mercurial and elusive, flare-ups happen, and criminals will inevitably try to exploit these chaotic situations. The rapid migration of large swaths of the economy online provides them with an unprecedented number of targets.

In this era of uncertainty, it is essential for financial services industry to evolve and adapt. Financial institutions, both traditional and digital, must harness the right technology and enhance their defences to safeguard customers' assets and data amid the deluge of criminal activity in cyberspace.

  • Co-authored by Nice Actimize and Kapronasiaread the financial crime report to understand how financial institutions, in Asia, deal with financial crimes in the recent past and how they are adapting to fight against financial criminals in the digital realm.

Gain exclusive insights on:

  • Thoughts on what new-normal post-pandemic might look like and future threats.
  • Trends that will shape the evolution of AML and Fraud prevention.
  • Results, key learnings and country-specific findings (Singapore, Australia, Japan and Taiwan) from the Kapronasia / NICE Actimize financial crime report.
  • How regulatory technology can help financial organizations, both traditional and next generation, to protect themselves against financial crime.

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