January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Enrich the full AML value chain

For decades, financial services organizations (FSOs) have struggled to understand their customers’ financial risk through ineffective and disparate know your customer (KYC) and AML programs. While these programs check all the regulatory boxes, they are typically built upon siloed foundations and manual work processes that limit insights and result in huge operational costs.

Fortunately, modern technologies and data management techniques have evolved to help FSOs overcome these limitations and gain a holistic, entity-centric view of each customer and their risk across the entire AML value chain.

In this whitepaper, Neil Katkov, Head of Risk at Celent, explores the concept of entity-centric monitoring, detection and investigation, and how it can benefit organizations like yours. Read this whitepaper to learn how an entity-centric approach can help you:
  • Leverage global data sources and modern data management techniques to enrich analysis using comprehensive customer insights.
  • Apply artificial intelligence (AI) across the AML value chain to deliver precise outcomes.
  • Break down siloes and improve processes to support the move from static, transaction focused analysis to an entity-centric paradigm for risk assessment.

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“A stronger understanding of customers – an entity-centric approach – is needed to improve the accuracy of financial crime detection.”

– Neil Katkov | Head of Risk, Celent

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