An Ever Present Danger: A Deep Dive into Australia’s Financial Crime Landscape

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Financial crime is an ever-present danger to all financial services. The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn have exacerbated the problem, presenting criminals a perfect storm of opportunity to capitalise on the most vulnerable businesses and individuals.

While the Australian financial services industry continues to invest vast amounts of resources in tackling financial crime, current regulatory frameworks and black-box approaches are not always as effective as they could be, given the pace at which criminals are evolving their capabilities and exploiting new tools and networks to circumvent existing AML controls.

Co-hosted by Nice Actimize and Regulation Asia, watch the on-demand virtual expert panel to explore Australia’s financial crime landscape, considering recent regulatory and cultural drivers, and how financial institutions are responding to new and incumbent AML and fraud threats.

The discussions included the immediate steps financial institutions can take to leverage data and technology to enhance their financial crime compliance programmes, and ensure that their lines of defence remain sufficient and effective in combating internal, external, domestic and cross-border threats from the increasingly sophisticated and agile bad actor.

Gain exclusive insights on:
  • Thoughts on what new-normal post-pandemic might look like and future threats.
  • Trends that will shape the evolution of AML and Fraud prevention.
  • How regulatory technology can help financial organizations, both traditional and next generation, to protect themselves against financial crime.


Regulation Asia


Matthew Field, APAC Market Lead
Anti-Money Laundering, Nice Actimize

Lisa Dobbin
Risk Advisory
Deloitte Australia

Dr Nathan Newman image
Dr Nathan Newman
National Manager
Regulatory Operations

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