January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Anatomy of the Emerging Scam Threat: The Nature of the Threat and How to Control for It

78% of fraud leaders polled prioritize scam controls.

Get expert guidance to thwart emerging scams.

When scams are successful, it undermines customer trust and inflicts reputational damage—driving customers to leave. Financial institutions (FIs) can strengthen their fraud prevention strategy in order to protect customers from scams and authorized fraud, boosting trust instead.

In this white paper by NICE Actimize and Aite-Novarica, delve into:

  • Drivers behind the growth in scams and how to craft a fraud prevention strategy that minimizes risk to both the FI and customers they protect
  • Types of fraud that fall outside of formal mandates, such as mule activity, synthetic identities, and authorized payment fraud scams
  • Actionable steps to make customers feel safe, as fraudsters are redirecting their attacks from the FI’s authentication controls to overcoming customer security practices

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