COVID-19 and Fraud Management Webinar: Ask the Experts

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

On-Demand Webinar

There’s no question about it, we are all doing our best to adjust to recent events. As fraud fighters, times like this not only turn our work load upside down - but increase the volume and complexity. As you all know, fraudsters are always working and often become savvier in times like this. At the same time, customers are under tremendous stress, and are more likely to fall victim to fraud.

Our inboxes have been flooded with questions and concerns from our customers.
We’ve decided to open up a forum to help address your challenges.

Ready to have YOUR questions answered? Access the on-demand webinar to hear perspectives from NICE Actimize Fraud Experts as they discuss the concerns we all have.

Concerned about new fraud schemes? How to manage the new norm of remote fraud operations? Please submit any questions you have on how COVID-19 will affect fraud management, now and in the future.

What you’ll learn:
  • What you can expect with the quickly changing threat landscape
  • That best practices that hold true, even in times like these
  • Most importantly - the responses to YOUR submitted questions

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