Listen in on two conversations held between American Banker and NICE Actimize in this two-part podcast series.

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Part one: Real-Time Payments and Fraud: What you need to know
The demand for real-time payments is accelerating. But while faster payments create new opportunities for banks, with increased speed comes increased risk. So how do banks provide the convenience customers want with the protection that they demand? Debra Geister, a financial crimes strategist at NICE Actimize, offers some solutions.

Part two: Combatting Fraud with Big Data and Machine Learning
As fraud attacks become more sophisticated, the need for advanced analytics in fraud monitoring is critical. The question that banks and regulators are grappling with is how the complexity of advanced analytics will impact their fraud operations and existing model governance protocols. Damian Matich, Global Head of Fraud Analytics for NICE Actimize, has some answers.

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