Drive Cost Transformation and Achieve Operational Excellence

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Case Management Series - Financial Crime: Driving Cost Transformation, Achieving Operational Excellence

If you’re looking to bring greater transparency while developing a single view of your financial crime risks, then standardizing your case management is the way to do it.

The cost of financial crime operations has steadily increased and is driven by two main factors—increased volume of alerts, and how operational units are typically siloed and federated. This creates redundancy and inefficiencies which impact overall costs.

The enterprise case manager is the common denominator that ties everything together.

  •      Connecting your Organization – connect people and systems and standardize workflows to achieve a single common view of risk
  •      Empowering your People – make faster decisions with entity-centric investigations and automation for low-value and repetitive tasks  
  •      Optimizing your Teams – measure and monitor the operations of each risk domain to fine-tune operations to ensure quality and consistent results

Join this multi-part insight series as we focus on each part of the financial crime fighting engine.

Part 2 - Empowering Your People

After centralizing all the data by connecting independent alerting systems, how do we empower FinCrime analysts and investigators to make faster and better risk decisions? Watch this three-part insight series that tackles this from the perspective of anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and financial markets compliance.

AML focus: Empowering AML teams to be Efficient and Make Effective Risk Decisions 
On-Demand Webinar

  • Route strategies to efficiently allocate work
  • Apply visualization tools to process information faster
  • Organize the investigative workspace
  • Where and when to apply automation

Financial Markets Compliance focus: Fighting Market Abuse: Empowering Your Surveillance Teams 
On-Demand Webinar

  • Utilize a single timeline to visualize market communications and trades across products
  • Apply automation to bring alerts to resolution faster
  • Increase collaboration amongst analysts working in any location

Fraud Prevention focus: Empowering Fraud Investigators to Build Effective Cases 
On-Demand Webinar

  • Streamline evidence gathering processes to meet SLAs
  • Maintain chain-of-custody during investigations
  • Strategies to escalate handover investigations 

Part 1 - Connecting Your Organization

AML Focus: Connecting Your Organization for a Single View of Customer Risk
On-Demand Webinar

  • Connect your customer and their data across the entire organization
  • How unity creates higher quality investigations 
  • Show how simple it is to ingest alerts from disparate systems 

Fraud Focus – Connecting Your Organization to Fight Fraud and Improve Customer Experience
On-Demand Webinar

  • Regular expectations of firms to increasingly monitor conduct, culture, and accountability 
  • Best practices for centralizing data across the organization
  • Strengthen collaboration between siloed teams  
  • See how SURVEIL-X and ActOne leverage AML systems to combat market abuse 
  • Establishing a collaborative investigation practice

Financial Markets Compliance Focus – Connecting Your Organization to Stop Market Abuse  
On-Demand Webinar 

  • Connect information across financial products and channels — e.g. deposit accounts, cards, loans, and investments
  • Provide direct insight to cyber-intelligence, claims, disputes, returns, and recoveries
  • Automate controls and workflow
  • Auto-populate SAR forms
  • Strengthen collaboration with AML teams

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