2021 Asia Trends and Outlook:
The Future Fight against Financial Crime

January 21, 1:00 pm EST

Fighting financial crime has never been more difficult, and with the digitization of financial services bringing both great opportunity and increased risks for banks and other industry players, it is imperative that industry leaders keep their eye on the ball. But what efforts have financial services firms put in place to tackle financial crime? What new risks would emerge as we start to place more trust in the digital world?

It is essential to adopt a highly proactive approach to fighting the main types of financial crime occurring in the digital banking era. Consider convergence of fraud and AML teams. Financial risks must be assessed and managed comprehensively. Financial institutions, whether traditional or digital, must be certain these controls are working. Real-time detection for financial crime is needed.

Co-hosted by Nice Actimize and Kapronasia, watch the virtual expert panel (English edition) to find out how the financial institutions, in Asia, is responding to a rapidly evolving financial crime landscape. Our key industry speakers in this virtual expert panel will share their insights on Asia’s fight against digital crime.

Gain exclusive insights on:
  • Thoughts on what new-normal post-pandemic might look like and future threats.
  • Trends that will shape the evolution of AML and Fraud prevention.
  • Results, key learnings and country-specific findings (Singapore, Australia, Japan and Taiwan) from the Kapronasia / NICE Actimize financial crime report.
  • How regulatory technology can help financial organizations, both traditional and next generation, to protect themselves against financial crime.

Zennon Kapron, Founder and Director, KapronAsia

Matthew Field, APAC Market Lead
Anti-Money Laundering, Nice Actimize

Nicholas Mctaggart
The Murinbin Group

Amanda Wood
Founder and Principal
Waterstone AML

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